CCEDA is a professional collaborative composed of members who share a similar philosophy of birth and families.

CCEDA believes:

For Families:

  • Pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and early parenting are natural life processes uniquely significant to each individual and family.
  • Parents’ needs should be addressed from a holistic and strength-based perspective, embracing the uniqueness of each family.
  • All information provided to families should be current and evidence based.
  • Provide accurate information about the natural process and alternatives of childbirth and the appropriate use of medical technology in childbirth.
  • Assist women and their partners identify their own needs and are central to the planning of services to meet their needs.
  • Supporting women and their partners in their choice of childbirth.
  • In a low risk situation, women have all the internal resources required to gestate, birth, breastfeed, and parent their babies without routine medical intervention.
  • Effective childbirth education and continuous supportive care during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum maximize maternal, family and neonatal outcomes.
  • All members of the birth team have an important role to play, and with ongoing respect and communication, the women and her health care team can co-create a safe and satisfying birth experience.
  • Doulas, childbirth educators and lactation consultants are most effective when they are clear about and practice within their scope.
  • Trust is the basis of any effective team!

For Professionals and the Community:

  • Providing experts in their field demonstrating a high level of vision, leadership, passion and commitment.
  • Each professional goes through a rigorous screening and orientation process to ensure an adequate fit with the organizational directives.
  • Committed to training doulas and educators for a strong future.
  • Committed to birth advocacy and education through collaboration with its community partners.