Services we offer

CCEDA is an interdisciplinary professional cooperative offering comprehensive support and education to parents through contracted service providers.  CCEDA is a team of certified and experienced professionals who are with you every step of the way. We offer a complete line of services including childbirth education, pregnancy support, labour doula support, lactation consultation and postpartum support. You choose the level of support you need to help you to birth and parent with confidence. You are also supported through our parenting groups and community partner associations.

These Services include:


Birth Doula Services


The word “doula” comes from the ancient Greek meaning “a woman who serves” and is now used to refer to a trained and experienced professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to the mother before, during and just after birth; or who provides emotional and practical support during the postpartum period.


Childbirth Education


Our classes help prepare you for a healthy pregnancy, a positive birth experience and a confident and fulfilling postpartum. Our experienced and certified educators facilitate classes, which include hands on learning, interactive activities, props, informative handouts, videos and researched based information.



Post Partum Doula Services


Provides support to the mother and family following the birth and immediate postpartum period. This may include breastfeeding support; newborn care assistance, cooking, light housekeeping and errands. She offers education, companionship and non-judgemental support for the few weeks following the birth, and sometimes beyond. Also provides evidence-based information on infant feeding, emotional and physical recovery from birth, infant soothing and coping skills for new parents and makes appropriate referrals when necessary.


Lactation Consultation


A health care professional, with specialized expertise and advanced certification in the field of breastfeeding, who provides education and management related to breastfeeding.


Placenta Encapsulation


There is a growing trend of using the placenta to facilitate the woman’s postpartum recovery through ingestion of the placenta, known as placentophagy. The placenta is incredibly nutritious and contains many of the vitamins, minerals and hormones that a mother’s body needs to adequately recover from the pregnancy and birth. Women who take part in this practice feel that they have a faster recovery from the pregnancy and birth, have more energy and increased milk production, and often do not experience any postnatal mood instability such as the “baby blues,” or postpartum depression.