Birth Doula Services

CCEDA is Calgary’s gold standard professional collaborative. At CCEDA we believe in the importance of providing superior professional services. CCEDA is an interdisciplinary professional cooperative offering comprehensive support and education to parents through contracted service providers. CCEDA, formerly The Calgary Childbirth Education Association (CCEA) has been trusted in the Calgary Birthing Community for over 25 years.

We are dedicated through a family-centered philosophy to meet the needs of expectant or new parents. Effective support begins in pregnancy by the development of a caring, sharing relationship between the couple and the doula through formal prenatal meetings and other informal contact and discussion. Effective support recognizes the couple as a team and encourages their relationship. Effective support provides continuity from home to place of birth and home again. The needs and wishes of the couple are recognized and respected.

Benefits of a Birth Doula

Birth Doulas provide many emotional and physical benefits to mothers and their families. Studies show that with the support of a doula, labours are often shorter with fewer complications and medical interventions.

    • 36% reduction in the use of pain medication
    • 51% reduction in cesarean section rate
    • 71% reduction in use of synthetic oxytocin used to induce or augment labour
    • 57% reduction in the use of forceps/vacuum extractor

The support of a doula results in greater success with breastfeeding and adapting to new family dynamics and sees a reduction in postpartum depression.

Services Provided

The CCEDA Labour Support team provides:

    • Research based information about pregnancy, labour, birth, breastfeeding, and newborn health
    • Prenatal support from time of hire, through to the labour process.
      This involves an intensive prenatal visit to discuss the birth process and role descriptions, continuous availability for communication and to help find answers to your questions
    • Emotional support such as positive affirmations regarding decisions and coping skills, visualization and recognition of spiritual needs
    • Early labour support for the couple in their home
    • Continuity of support in the birth place
    • Support in seeking information from and interpreting information received from other resources
    • Physical support including such things as nutrition, liquids, ambulating, bathing or showering, massage, positions for comfort or rotation and descent of infant, setting environment
    • Back-up support for couples who have contracted with a primary doula from CCEDA
    • Immediate postpartum support
    • Postpartum visit to be determined by the availability and need of the clients (within the first 6 weeks after the birth)
    • Professional photobook that includes pictures and a birth story.

The CCEDA Labour Support team does not:

    • Make decisions for a woman or her partner
    • Speak to midwifery or medical staff on the behalf of the woman or her partner
    • Assess fetal heart rate by auscultation or monitor
    • Assess mother’s vital signs
    • Do vaginal exams
    • Provide midwifery or medical services

CCEDA doulas refer couples to their caregiver or birthplace if women report changes during her pregnancy, which cause her alarm. All CCEDA doulas will call 911 should a medical emergency occur if the doula is with the woman and she is outside of the intended place of birth/ absence of the primary care provider (and that the fee will be the responsibility of the client).

All CCEDA doulas work within the guidelines of the by-laws and standards of practice set out by CCEDA. All doulas are independent practitioners working under the umbrella of CCEDA.



The current cost of our birth doula services at CCEDA is $1000.00 per birth.

If you are interested in attending our classes, using a postpartum doula, or looking to seek advice from our lactation consultants ask us how you can save 10% on all additional services you require.