Placenta Encapsulation

Considering that the placenta is a completely natural substance, created by a woman’s own body, encapsulation of the placenta is definitely worth considering as part of a holistic postpartum recovery for every expectant woman.

Reported Benefits of Placenta Encapsulation

    •  Increase general energy
    •  Allow a quicker return to health after birth
    •  Increase production of breast milk
    •  Decrease likelihood of baby blues and post natal depression
    •  Decrease likelihood of iron deficiency
    •  Decrease likelihood of insomnia or sleep disorders


If a woman wants to use the placenta for her postpartum recovery, special consideration must be given to its care after the birth. From the time it’s born the placenta must be handled as though it were food, because that is what it will soon become. Just as you would not leave a steak out on the counter for several hours, the placenta should not be left sitting out. It should go straight into a food-grade container — not on the floor or on “blue pads” or towels. It should be double-bagged in gallon-sized ziplock bags — anything that can be sealed to protect the placenta from the air and put in a container with ice. It should be refrigerated as soon as possible for maximum freshness. The preparation of the placenta should begin within the first 24 hours after birth.

We will pick the placenta up at the hospital (or at your home if you have a home birth) and will deliver the pills to your home.  The number of pills is directly related to the size of the placenta with the average number produced being around 170 capsules.


The cost is $200.00 and we ask for a $50.00 deposit on booking. The cost for twin placentae is $250.00. If you would like a tincture, it is an additional $20.00. The balance is due when we deliver the capsules. Please call 403.281.9485 or email and our registrar will be happy to connect you with our encapsulation specialists.


The services we offer are not clinical, pharmaceutical, or intended to diagnose or treat any condition. Families who choose to utilize this service take full responsibility for researching and using the remedies.