Benefits of Prenatal Classes

CCEDA’s goal is to ensure childbearing families obtain the most current, evidence based information and education to help ensure health and wellness as they prepare for pregnancy, childbirth and early parenting.
Our educators bring a unique blend of teaching experiences each with the intent to increase the couples’ confidence to birth normally.

Benefits of our Prenatal Educators

There are many valuable reasons for participating in childbirth education programs including:

. Increase of knowledge
. Options and choices
. Self-awareness and confidence
. Networking and support from other parents as well as a forum for discussion and sharing

Services Provided

The CCEDA Prenatal Educators offer suggestions on:
. How to make pregnancy more comfortable
. Prenatal development
. What to expect through pregnancy
. Support options
. Pain relief techniques
. What to expect during labour and birth
. What to expect of medical procedures and interventions
. What to expect through your postpartum period
. How to care for your new baby
. Benefits of breastfeeding and how to get started

The CCEDA Prenatal Educators do not:
. Assess fetal development
. Assess mother’s vital signs
. Provide midwifery or medical service

CCEDA educators refer couples to their caregiver or birth place if women report changes such as decreased fetal movement, fever, chills, leaking amniotic fluid, vaginal bleeding, headache, visual disturbances (blurring, spots and double vision), epigastric pain, continuous abdominal pain, dizziness or fainting.
All educators work within the guidelines of the by-laws and standards of practice set out by CCEDA. All educators are independent practitioners working under the umbrella of CCEDA.


The current cost of our classes vary, please see Prenatal Classes for descriptions and cost.
If you are interested in using a birth doula, using a postpartum doula, enlisting the services of our placenta encapsulators, or looking to seek advice from our lactation consultants ask us how you can save 10% on all additional services you require.